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We are Domaine Summum, dreamers, wanderers, rule breakers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Our top priority, is HEALTH. Without any exceptions at all, our bernese mountain dogs have to be declared FREE of hip AND elbow dysplasia, with proven certification from specialized organizations, like OFA (www.offa.org). Our bernese mountain dog also need to be clear of any eye problems. Also, when we choose to breed one of our bernese mountain dogs, we make sure there is no genetic problems, like dysplasia, for at least 4-5 generations by checking more than 30 dogs behind in the pedigree and gathering the most information on ancestors and brothers/sisters. We do everything possible to produce, at first, bernese mountain dog puppies with EXCELLENT health and longevity backgrounds that will make them the BEST family companions!

When you feel your family is ready to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog, we encourage you to visit our News section and call us to make an appointment to reserve a male or female puppy from the upcoming litter of your choice. You can follow your puppy's development on our Facebook Domaine Summum 4-paw club page and begin to prepare for your new family member.
***When you purchase a puppy from us we require a $350 down-payment (non refundable) to hold a puppy in your name.